My mom’s charoset


This is charoset like my mother makes it. It’s not so pretty, but then again, she says it’s supposed to look like the mortar that was used to build the pyramids (although some would argue that there was no mortar involved, only well-cut stones). Historical accuracy aside, this charoset is pleasantly sweet without being cloying.

There are hundreds of ways of making this traditional Passover spread, one of the key elements on the Seder plate. It can include a wide range of fruits, nuts, spices and wine; mine contains apples, walnuts, dates and raisins. Dates are a staple of Sephardi-style charoset, and this recipe is traditionally Turkish, although it may resemble charoset from other communities as well.

charoset-ingredientsYou can use any kinds of apples, dates and raisins you want — I usually use a granny smith apple and white raisins, but other kinds of fruit will give you charoset as well, albeit with a slightly different flavor. I suspect that when the recipe was handed to me, the weight of the dates did not include the pits, and thus that version produced a sweeter charoset. Either way, I’m pleased with my results.

For half a liter of charoset:

1 apple
110 g. dates (weight with pits)
110 g. raisins
1/4 cup walnuts
Juice of 1/2 orange

Core the apples, and pit the dates. Put everything into a blender and blend. It’s supposed to look like mush. Let it sit so the flavors can integrate.

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