White cheese with capers and herbs

cheese capers herbs

We are blessed by a wealth of fresh, young cheeses as well as healthy herbs, so I threw all of the above together, along with my home-pickled capers, to make a quick salad.

I happen to have Thai basil and pineapple sage growing quite robustly on my patio. These herbs have different flavors than their more standard counterparts (basil and sage), which you’re more likely to find around here, but any combination of fresh herbs that suits your fancy would be quite good in this dish.

The cheeses — a 50-50 mix of diced mozzarella balls and tsfatit — are from my favorite cheese stand at the Carmel market, which gets them from the Sharon dairy. They’re at their peak for all of two days after purchase, but so good that you won’t want to leave them any longer than that.


For two servings:

100 grams of fresh white cheese (I used half mozzarella, half tsfatit; use whatever you like)
2 tablespoons of capers
handful of assorted fresh herbs — basil, sage, thyme, zaatar, oregano are all options; mix and match
drizzle of good olive oil
sprinkle of kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper

Finely dice the herb leaves, removing any stems. Chop the cheese into small, bite-sized cubes. Toss all the ingredients together.

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