Passover 2010 on Cafe Liz

Passover is rapidly approaching. The stores have already stopped stocking my favorite cookies and chocolates (no baker’s chocolate for Passover? really guys?) You, like us, are preparing for the week of unleavened bread, whether that means planning a seder, or just coming up with things to eat for the week.

I’m not one of those people who feels Passover equals starvation. I love the holiday, and all its food. Hopefully, I have some recipes that can make that process easier and more enjoyable. I’ll be posting new recipes over the next two weeks, but until then, you can check out my Passover-specific recipes from last year:

Plus, my posts from the rest of the year are categorized based on those that suit Passover: Everything free of chametz (grains) appears in my Sephardi Passover recipes list, while everything free of chametz and kitniyot (legumes) appears in my Ashkenazi Passover recipes. (Let me know if I’ve mislabled anything …)

Have a happy Passover, from Cafe Liz. Let the cooking begin.

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