Cranberry charoset


This is a play on a classic charoset — a Sephardi-style nut/date spread with a decidedly new-world twist. Cranberries are a new-world fruit, so it’s highly unlikely that they started appearing in any traditional Jewish cuisine too many centuries ago. But hey, it’s been 500 years since Columbus sailed the ocean blue and the world is increasingly globalized, so there’s no reason not to give our holiday “mortar” an extra cranberry tang.

Beyond the cranberries, there are the pears and the pecans, which give the charoset a decidedly upscale taste. What better way to deck out the seder table?

For a small container of charoset:

2 pears
40 grams dried cranberries
40 grams dates
1/4 cup pecans
A bit of orange juice/lemon juice if needed to make things blend

Pit the dates, core the pears and rinse the pecans. Blend it all together, adding liquid only if necessary. That’s it!

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