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September 2013


Leek ptitim with caramelized pumpkin and sheep’s cheese

Sounds good, right? This was a relatively simple weeknight dinner. Salty, sweet and savory all in one, against the backing of soft comfort that is ptitim. Also known as Israeli couscous (though only abroad — an Israeli would never recognize that name) or mograbiyeh (another name people here wouldn’t recognize), …


Moroccan-inspired tzimmes (stewed carrot salad)

Tzimmes is one of those staple Ashkenazi holiday dishes — generally made with carrots stewed with honey and raisins. The dish is sweet as are many Rosh Hashanah dishes, and the carrots are diced into rings, making this one of many round foods customarily served for the holiday. But in …


Fig pomegranate-wine jam

It’s not every day that I make fig jam. But it’s also not every day that someone gifts me a kilo of figs and I drop them in the street. I’d gotten to the market late. Really, really late. Like, 5:45 P.M. on a Friday afternoon late. An hour before …