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December 2008

Latke bonanza, part 2

This Hanukkah, we wound up making more than 7 kilos of latkes. Indeed, the holiday isn't even over yet, but I think I've had enough fried food for oh, say, the next year. Anyway, in the course of these 7+ kilos, we quite refined our latke-making technique, and came out …

Zucchini soup

This is a nice, sunny yellow soup for dreary days. A roommate of mine in Haifa used to make something similar. I should note that what we call “kishu” (קישוא) here isn’t actually what the rest of the world considers zucchini — it’s a pale, light green, squash shaped like …

Latke bonanza

I could never really get that excited about latkes, which I’d mostly experienced as patties of fried mashed potatoes. After all, I wouldn’t eat oily, soggy potatoes on other days of the year, so what made Hanukkah any different? But this year, I decided it didn’t have to be like …

Saturday morning buttermilk pancakes

We usually make waffles instead of pancakes, and I remembered why when I poured my first batch of pancakes into the pan, and they promptly burned. My waffle iron produces tidy, consistent results, but pancakes take a little practice. In any case, once I stopped burning them, the pancakes tasted …

Onion vegetable soup

I guess I got a little overexcited at the shook today, because now the kitchen floor is covered with bags of vegetables that won’t fit into our fridge, including 6 kilos of potatoes for our planned latke bonanza (among many, many other things). In any case, there’s no better reason …

Pappardelle with pumpkin seed oil and herbs

Since I think my coconut pumpkin soup recipe inspired at least one person to go out and buy pumpkin seed oil (hi mom!), I figured I’d offer a few more suggestions for how to use it.

Cardamom coffee, or whatever the הל you call it

Black coffee in Israel gets its distinctive taste from cardamom, that spice you put in pie. It can be either ground with the beans, or added as an afterthought. Coffee with cardamom (cafe im hel) is also known in Hebrew as "mud coffee" (cafe botz). It's the type of thing …

Singapore-style noodles

Last week I bought an iron wok, and I decided to try it out today with Singapore-style noodles. I get a craving for them sometimes, so fortunately they’re easy to make.

Cheesy stuffed peppers

These cheese-filled peppers are quick and easy, and since this blog seems to be reading like a travel log, I should probably mention that we were served similar stuffed peppers at our hotel in Bulgaria.