Wilted cabbage-carrot salad with pickled lemon

Wilted cabbage salad is nearly ubiquitous at Israeli street food joints and in mezze spreads, and my 4-year-old son is a cabbage salad addict. You should see him greedily shoving bowlful after bowlful of tart, oily cabbage into his mouth at the neighborhood falafel and shwarma joints. Quite a few falafel stand owners have taken notice and sent us home with an extra container of cabbage salad. More ...

What I’ve been up to

It’s been exactly a year since my last post. Over the past year, I have occasionally thought about my poor, neglected blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to, and why I haven’t been writing here.


Almond granola

This granola is scented of almonds – full of crunch sliced almonds, and flavored with a big splash of amaretto to boot. When I developed it, I had in my mind a crunchy but chewy almond-scented granola, and indeed, it delivers. I’ve been making a whole lot of it – …


Simple chickpea salad with celery

This simple chickpea salad is super convenient – it comes together quickly and makes a nice, filling addition to lunch. Plus, it requires no seasonal ingredients so can be made year round. (Is celery seasonal? Probably, but it’s sold year-round at my herb stand.) I like to keep cooked chickpeas …


Truffles in the Negev, and a Moroccan Passover delicacy

Desiccated donkey dung. How’s that for a description of food? Does it make you want to taste it? Eat it? I have to say, when I first heard that description – in reference to the truffles that grow in sands around the Middle East, including Israel’s Negev desert, it caught …


New Israeli wine recommendations (and new beginnings)

So, where have I been? We’ve simply been overwhelmed with life – least of all because my daughter was born late last year. And then a few weeks later, we moved to a new apartment. So it’s been hectic, to say the least. In late January, I attended Sommelier 2015, …


Hazelnut thumbprint cookies

If it looks like we’ve been making lots of sweets around here, well, that would be about right. I have no problem letting my son eat vegetable sticks dipped in peanut butter or tahini at least one meal a day. Baking cookies, however, falls into the general category of “toddler …


A family day on the farm

If there’s something that compares to the joy of a toddler shoving a slice of apple into a chunk of freshly harvested honeycomb, I’m not sure what it is. We were out in the countryside, pretending to be farmers for an afternoon, alongside a few dozen other families who had …


New Israeli beers for a new year

Good things have been happening in Israel’s boutique beer industry. It’s been close to two years since the last beer expo. The annual expo is only in its fourth year, and it’s coming into its own. This year’s expo, held last week, took place outdoors in the late summer among …


Breaded broccoli-tofu fritters

There was no duplicity involved in serving these broccoli-tofu fritters. My son, who has reached his picky toddler phase, knew that these contained broccoli and tofu, and he ate them anyway. Yup, even I struggle to get my son to eat various vegetables. Maybe it’s a texture thing. Maybe broccoli …