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Israel has hundreds of food blogs in Hebrew, but only a small community of bloggers in English. That said, the list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year or two. The following are a mix of bloggers I know personally as well as some others I don’t know. This list consists of (mostly) people who write about scratch cooking and update regularly, and includes a broad range of food and writing styles:

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The latest on the Israeli food blogs:

  • Lo, the Fall is Here (Galilee Seasonality, Oct. 25)
    On a recent, short visit to the US East Coast, I was treated to the first signs of another brilliant autumn.  Now that I’m home, my feet are comfortably back in flip flops and the main indication that summer is behind us is the supplement of a ja (...)
  • Recent (commercial) work (GASTROnomi, Oct. 19)
    recipe development, preparation, styling & photographyclient: the White Chef (...)
  • Menu Plan: Week of Oct. 19, 2014 (More Quiche, Please, Oct. 19)
    After working so hard to fill my freezer, it’s bare again. I think this is the emptiest it’s been since I gave birth, actually. No challah, no muffins, no whole wheat toddler bread. No pancakes, no ice cream, no carrot soup or mushroom s (...)
  • Cookbook Review: Secrets from Lori Rapp’s Kitchen (Ari Cooks, Oct. 13)
    Hello! I am visiting from The Dreamy Day with a little cookbook review. Shortly after arriving back in the States I received an e-mail from Lori Rapp of Jerusalem’s La Cuisine, asking if I would mind reviewing her new cookbook on my blog. Since (...)
  • Simchat Torah Menu 2014 (The Gush Gourmet, Oct. 12)
    Is it too late to post my Simchat Torah menu? Being bogged down with catering, Simchat Torah is the only meal I can manage to entertain over Sukkot and I like to make it interesting. I try to do a combination of some traditional foods (stuffed cabbag (...)
  • Easy Herb and Olive Bread (Israeli Kitchen, Oct. 11)
    It’s Sukkot, and the weather has kindly cooled down. We’ve even had some early rain, the signal for me to go into a fine frenzy of baking. Sourdough bread.  Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins. And the easy yeasted herb bead I’m about to s (...)
  • Easy and delicious Rosh Hashana Green Beans (The Kosher Blogger, Sep. 23)
    Honey ginger green beans Lots of symbolic foods compete for table space at Rosh Hashana meals. It’s hard to cover all of them, but here’s one that’s so easy and delicious, you’re going to want to make sure you add it to your m (...)
  • Marzipan for a Happy New Year (Matkonation, Sep. 23)
    Danya and I have different world views when it comes to recipes. I love the classics and she’s really into twisting, tweaking and changing recipes until they are hers. So when we sat down to brainstorm about what we wanted to post for the upcoming (...)

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