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Israel has hundreds of food blogs in Hebrew, but only a small community of bloggers in English. That said, the list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year or two. The following are a mix of bloggers I know personally as well as some others I don’t know. This list consists of (mostly) people who write about scratch cooking and update regularly, and includes a broad range of food and writing styles:

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The latest on the Israeli food blogs:

  • Peanut butter oatmeal cookies (More Quiche, Please, Nov. 26)
    Guys, meet Mrs. Super Easy Cookie. The batter whizzes together in 5 minutes, and then it’s just rolling a very roll-able batter and baking. The hardest part is probably waiting for them to come out of the oven. But these aren’t just easy (...)
  • More fun with eggplant (The Kosher Blogger, Nov. 24)
    Israel doesn’t have a national vegetable. If it did, I am positive it would be the eggplant. It’s such a versatile vegetable, and is prepared in so many different ways, depending on the ethnicity of the cook. In my case, my ethnicity mean (...)
  • Chicken N' Dumplings (The Gush Gourmet, Nov. 10)
    When the weather gets cold, all you want is some good, hot, comfort food and this one pot dish fits the bill. It is sort of like a southern style chicken soup but a little thicker and with a deeper, richer flavor than the typical Jewish chicken soup. (...)
  • Galilee Seasonality has Moved! (Galilee Seasonality, Nov. 09)
    Please visit Galilee Seasonality’s new home at:   Abbie Rosner (...)
  • Cauliflower Soup (Israeli Kitchen, Nov. 03)
    Let there be white. White soup, that is. I’m a fool for white soups: potato soup, vichyssoise, cauliflower soup – bring them on, I’ll eat ‘em. With cauliflowers so firm and white in the shuk now, and winter rains bringing on (...)
  • Recent (commercial) work (GASTROnomi, Oct. 19)
    recipe development, preparation, styling & photographyclient: the White Chef (...)
  • Cookbook Review: Secrets from Lori Rapp’s Kitchen (Ari Cooks, Oct. 13)
    Hello! I am visiting from The Dreamy Day with a little cookbook review. Shortly after arriving back in the States I received an e-mail from Lori Rapp of Jerusalem’s La Cuisine, asking if I would mind reviewing her new cookbook on my blog. Since (...)
  • Marzipan for a Happy New Year (Matkonation, Sep. 23)
    Danya and I have different world views when it comes to recipes. I love the classics and she’s really into twisting, tweaking and changing recipes until they are hers. So when we sat down to brainstorm about what we wanted to post for the upcoming (...)

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