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August 2013


Buckwheat casserole with roasted figs and grapes

I had a festive holiday meal in mind when I came up with this dish. Really, with seasonal fruits arranged on top, how could it not be festive? And at the base is filling, nutritious buckwheat, cooked up with onions majadera-style. All in all, it’s a parve/vegan dish that’s fit …


Green rice with chickpeas

Like many people I like to shop in bulk, which means that once so often I find myself lugging my toddler’s weight in rice home from Levinsky market. Sure, I could be buying rice around the corner from my house in the convenient air conditioning of Eden Teva Market — …


Eating salt from the Dead Sea

Many, many years ago, after buying Himalayan salt or Atlantic sea salt or something of the type, I wondered aloud whether you could buy salt harvested from our very own Dead Sea. Why import when you have a product that is local and plentiful, and hopefully high quality, too? My …