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Smoked eggplant with sheep’s cheese and radish sprouts

Once so often you encounter a dish that’s really stellar and memorable. This eggplant was one such dish. The setting: A stormy winter night at a seaside restaurant. Low lighting. Dark decor with black leather chairs. An eye-level view of the raging Mediterranean sea, waves the height of a small …


Soba noodles with mango and coconut cream

Man, I’m tired. Blogging alongside a full-time job — I did it for years. Blogging with a small baby — yeah, managed that too. But blogging with a small baby after returning to work part-time — not so much. It’s not that I’m creating wonderfully creative things and not writing …


Roasted pickled radishes — the dish no one will guess

When we were served these sour pink balls as part of a tray of roasted vegetables, no one could guess what they were. That color — like no vegetable we’d ever seen. Was it a very small, pale beet? Dyed baby potatoes? We had to ask the waiter. Maybe the …