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Beet-leek mini pancakes

Sure, I suppose you could consider this a Hanukkah dish. But I consider this an all-the-time dish that suits anyone from toddlers to dinner party guests. These beet patties had very humble roots in my kitchen: They started out as a way of repurposing old vegetable soup. I blended the …


Black lentil salad with pomegranate and baby greens

Little pomegranate jewels poke out from a jumble of shiny black lentils, resting on a tousled bed of greens — a lovely light meal that couldn’t be easier to prepare. And seasonal, too. It’s been a long few months — too long, perhaps, as this is the longest I’ve ever …


Majadera with caramelized pumpkin

One of the ironies of the Israeli summer is pumpkin. Because when it’s so hot that you want to crawl out of your skin, there’s nothing more appealing than a steaming bowl of pumpkin soup. Or stewed pumpkin. Because this is when pumpkin (and other so-called “winter squashes”) are in …


Orange lentil-tomato soup with complete protein

Lentil soup may have been one of the first things I learned to cook. No, this wasn’t even that long ago — I haven’t been cooking my entire life. It was back in college, when I didn’t really know what I was doing in the kitchen and I definitely needed …


Lentil salad with cranberries and thyme

I came to the market a little too late on a recent Friday. It was all of 4 P.M., but half the stands were closed. Discarded vegetables lined the path, as greengrocers dumped unwanted produce before the weekend. Piles of lettuce leaves that came to my waist. Boxes of mushy …


Coconut curry lentils

Coconut cream makes lentil stew a little bit less good for you, but a lot better tasting. However, I sprouted my lentils, which makes them a little bit better for you — I figure it fully counterbalances the coconut. Anyway, I’m not seriously concerned about a bit of extra fat. …


Sprouted lentils in olive oil and herbs

The combination of sprouted lentils and herb-infused oil produces a dish with a rich, nutty taste. I was inspired by a very similar dish we had at a brunch in Zichron Yaakov.



I learned how to make majadera from Naifeh, one of my roommates when I lived in Haifa. Majadera is a relatively simple dish — it has very few ingredients, which happen to combine to make a whole protein. Majadera is prepared in stages — first you fry the onions until …


Bean spinach soup with a tomato base

I wasn’t going to post another soup, since they all kind of look the same, but this one came out really well. The cinnamon adds a nice touch, and all that spinach adds good flavor. In any case, I think it’s great to show what you can do without soup …