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Happy Independence Day!

Today is Israel’s Independence Day. Like all Jewish holidays, it starts in the evening, which means it makes an excellent opportunity for fireworks. We celebrated with a picnic on our roof. For whatever reason, every municipality has its own display or two, and since Gush Dan is so crowded with …


Cafe Liz goes kosher for Passover

Cafe Liz is going kosher for Passover: I’ve cleaned the kitchen and thrown out last year’s matzo. Oh, and I’ve also gone through all my recipes, and pulled out the ones that suit the holiday, based on both Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions. Kosher for Passover recipes by Sephardi standards Kosher …


New photo-based archive of posts and recipes

After much struggling with PHP, I’ve finally made a photo-based archives page, where you can find all my food photos with links to the corresponding recipes and posts. After all, my suspicions tell me most people are here for the photos anyway, so what better way to enjoy them than …


Purple food week

I’m such an easy sell when it comes to weird vegetables. This Friday afternoon, we made it to the farmer’s market in the Tel Aviv port for the first time. We arrived late, after most of the stands had begun to pack up, but those left had an amazing assortment …