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January 2009, Page 2

Soup with purple cauliflower and blue cheddar

This dish truly takes advantage of the colorful vegetables I’m preparing for my purple vegetable week, with my lovely purple cauliflower: a white cauliflower cream soup, spotted with roasted purple florets.

Purple food week

I’m such an easy sell when it comes to weird vegetables. This Friday afternoon, we made it to the farmer’s market in the Tel Aviv port for the first time. We arrived late, after most of the stands had begun to pack up, but those left had an amazing assortment …

Do-it-yourself olives, part 2

It’s been a month since my last olive post, and I have results: My latest round of olives is cured and ready to eat (well, part of it). I started with about 2 kilos of black olives. Of those, half were cured in salt, another half were pickled in brine …