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Israel has hundreds of food blogs in Hebrew, but only a small community of bloggers in English. That said, the list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year or two. The following are a mix of bloggers I know personally as well as some others I don’t know. This list consists of (mostly) people who write about scratch cooking and update regularly, and includes a broad range of food and writing styles:

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The latest on the Israeli food blogs:

  • Caprese Wheatberry Salad with Basil Vinaigrette (The Gush Gourmet, Jul. 22)
    This week was my daughter's annual birthday party where adults outnumber the kids significantly thereby requiring me to serve more than just pizza. Every year I spend lots of time coming up with interesting salads to make to serve to my guests who tr (...)
  • Kitchen Tips: How to make (and freeze!) caramelized onions (More Quiche, Please, Jul. 22)
    These days, it takes a lot of advance planning to make dinner. The first step is putting away yesterday’s clean dishes. The second step is washing the dirty dishes that are still in the sink, even though I thought I washed them last night whe (...)
  • Back from Oxford (Galilee Seasonality, Jul. 19)
    I just returned from my first time participating in the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery – an annual conference of food historians and other professionals and non-professionals who are engaged in food inquiry.  It was an extraordinary experien (...)
  • Pasta Salad and a Pray for Peace (Matkonation, Jul. 17)
    Its really hard to write in days like this. The reality that we live in here in Israel is really absurd. This blog has never been a political one, and will not be one, but to ignore the current situation is impossible. I hope for peace and quiet for (...)
  • Our Austrian road trip (GASTROnomi, Jul. 15)
    MittenwaldSeefeldLocal snails, baked in garlic butter and bread crumbsDeer Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, Spaetzle, pear cooked in red wind and marmaladeUp to the SchmittenhöheKaiserschmarrn up the SchmittenhöheZell am seeHallstattseeTopfen strude (...)
  • Falafel, Made At Home (Israeli Kitchen, Jun. 25)
    Long ago, before I came to live in Israel, I dated a guy who turned out not to be the right one. We took a walk one night, sauntering along in the friendly dark and enjoying the fresh breeze that brought a scent of jasmine and faintly, tobacco ̵ (...)
  • How to Cook for a Family with a New Baby (Cooking Manager, Jun. 15)
    This post was first published in 2011. I’ve updated it with more ideas shared by readers. A friend of mine gave birth recently, and a few families in the community made meals for her. While it’s possible to order out nowadays, home-cooke (...)
  • Blood Orange Tart with Orange-Almond Crust (Baroness Tapuzina, Apr. 23)
    When I hear someone say “blood oranges”, I am immediately whisked away to my time in Lugano and my many trips over the border into Italy. They have a perfume like no other and I loved having a tall freshly squeezed glass of the beautiful (...)

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