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Israel has hundreds of food blogs in Hebrew, but only a small community of bloggers in English. That said, the list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year or two. The following are a mix of bloggers I know personally as well as some others I don’t know. This list consists of (mostly) people who write about scratch cooking and update regularly, and includes a broad range of food and writing styles:

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The latest on the Israeli food blogs:

  • Asparagus Soup (Pareve or Dairy) (The Gush Gourmet, Aug. 21)
    Remember those 8 bunches of asparagus I was telling you about? Well three of them made their way into this soup and since the August weather here is cold and rainy I thought it was the perfect time to whip out this recipe. I made it pareve and served (...)
  • Carrot crisp (More Quiche, Please, Aug. 21)
    I love roasted vegetables, but make them often enough and I do get bored. Do you also suffer from veggie boredom? This is the perfect solution: roasted carrots with a crispy herb-and-breadcrumb topping is a dressed-up version of ordinary roasted c (...)
  • Spiced Fig Jam With Red Wine (Israeli Kitchen, Aug. 20)
    Late August, and little by little, the longest days of this very strange summer are waning. It’s surreal, but war on Israel’s ground has become almost ordinary. Hostilities started, stopped, and started again, like a bucking horse. We, the small (...)
  • Common Roots (Galilee Seasonality, Aug. 03)
    Among all the countless tragedies and losses of this current war is the blow that has been dealt to the already fragile relationships between Jews and Arabs in Israel.  Even in the best of times, suspicion and distrust have been the default sentimen (...)
  • Finding the Brownie Holy Grail (The Kosher Blogger, Jul. 30)
    Lush chocolate brownies. The baseball field grass is not a recommended garnish… We’ve been having a tough time in Israel these past weeks. Sirens have had us rushing to shelters, and the country is in turmoil. Without making light of this (...)
  • Our Austrian road trip (GASTROnomi, Jul. 26)
    MittenwaldSeefeldLocal snails, baked in garlic butter and bread crumbsDeer Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, Spaetzle, pear cooked in red wind and marmaladeUp to the SchmittenhöheKaiserschmarrn up the SchmittenhöheZell am seeHallstattseeTopfen strude (...)
  • Pasta Salad and a Pray for Peace (Matkonation, Jul. 17)
    Its really hard to write in days like this. The reality that we live in here in Israel is really absurd. This blog has never been a political one, and will not be one, but to ignore the current situation is impossible. I hope for peace and quiet for (...)
  • How to Cook for a Family with a New Baby (Cooking Manager, Jun. 15)
    This post was first published in 2011. I’ve updated it with more ideas shared by readers. A friend of mine gave birth recently, and a few families in the community made meals for her. While it’s possible to order out nowadays, home-cooke (...)

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