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Israel has hundreds of food blogs in Hebrew, but only a small community of bloggers in English. That said, the list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year or two. The following are a mix of bloggers I know personally as well as some others I don’t know. This list consists of (mostly) people who write about scratch cooking and update regularly, and includes a broad range of food and writing styles:

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The latest on the Israeli food blogs:

  • Improvisational Flour-less Chocolate Cake (Cooking Outside the Box, Apr. 20)
    Before Pesach I made Brownies, but I overcooked them and forgot to add nuts. They were a bit disappointing.  This week I wanted something chocolaty, but more moist and less traditional. I whipped these up:LOL: Prunes "without a nu (...)
  • Relating to Wheat (Galilee Seasonality, Apr. 12)
    These spring days, the roaring of combines rumbles in the background – rending thick fields of wheat into neat rows of shorn stalks.  In the pre-industrial order of local agriculture, not only would this method of harvesting be unfathomable to (...)
  • Vegetarian "meatballs" (More Quiche, Please, Apr. 10)
    I’m way too tired to be blogging now … the kitchen has just been completely Pesach-ed and my brain is completely asleep. But I’ve been working on this recipe for awhile, and I really wanted to share it in time for Pesach. Vegetaria (...)
  • Chicken Soup for the (Lost) Soul (Matkonation, Apr. 10)
    When I started thinking of this post I was very far from where I am now, both physically and more importantly, mentally.  I'll start with the now, where I am with laying on a sunbed next to the pool at Club-Med in Florida, where I am on vacation wit (...)
  • Ricotta and Coffee Mousse (Spuma di Ricotta al Caffè) (Mom's Recipes and More, Apr. 09)
    Ricotta and Coffee (+heavy cream) in a very easy to make dessert (no cooking at all). 6 eaters will enjoy this not too sweet deserts and will say : Thank you . Give it a try !  (thanks to Saveur magazine for another great recipe).   (...)
  • Pesach Recipe Roundup 2014 (The Gush Gourmet, Apr. 06)
    This year feels like it has flown by! Wasn't I just making my Pesach lists a minute ago? This year, with a house full of guests and catering I have to be especially organized. Menus are made, most of my shopping is done and now comes the worst part, (...)
  • Onion Rolls Recipe (Israeli Kitchen, Mar. 09)
    This is on of the goodies we’re going to pack into our Mishlochei Manot (Purim packages).  I recycle the junky snacks we receive into other packages, feeling a bit guilty. Not guilty because we’re not going to eat what our friends and n (...)
  • Come on Over! (Ari Cooks, Mar. 02)
    I am not sure if all my aricooks subscribers have been getting the feed from my new bog The Dreamy Day. If you have had any problems signing up for e-mail updates, please let me know so I can work out the kinks. Thanks, and here are a few of the post (...)

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