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Cafe Liz featured on Foodie BlogRoll Finest Foodies Friday

Cafe Liz was picked as one of the five featured blogs in the Foodie BlogRoll [1]‘s May 8 edition of Finest Foodies Friday [2]. Needless to say, I’m honored. So if you’re new here courtesy of Finest Foodies Friday, then welcome to my blog, and here’s a quick introduction (beyond Jenn’s quick introduction).

If you’re here for the photos, or just to see what I have to offer, then the easiest way to do so would be to check out my photo archives [3], an aggregation of all my posts with a thumbnail photo for each dish. After all, it’s a lot easier to figure out what foods interest you when you can see a picture.

If you are vegetarian or keep kosher, then everything here is for you, and dishes that are vegan [4] or parve [5] are sorted accordingly. Beyond that, you’ll find lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly kinds that flourish in Israel’s Mediterranean climate, a dose of local scenery, special Passover recipes [6] and homemade ice cream [7] and sorbet [8] (vegan/parve, of course).

So, look at the photos, read a bit, enjoy, and feel free to leave me comments!